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June 1, 2022


Garden, Landscape

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Brick pavers give a classic and natural look to new patios, driveways and garden paths.

Made from compressed clay and heated at high temperatures, brick pavers are durable and they come in a range of natural, earth-toned colors. True bricks are made from natural clay. The clay is shaped and then fired at high temperatures.

Once the clay emerges from firing, it is strong and nearly impermeable. Because bricks are made from natural clay, there is a huge variety of natural shades and colors to choose from. Each region that produces bricks will have its own color, depending on the clay and soil used. Some manufacturers offer bricklike pavers made from concrete and dyed to look like natural brick. While perfectly suited for a project and an attractive material, these are not true bricks and lack the color variation of natural brick pavers.

You should be able to buy the materials needed for a brick paver driveway for about $5 per square foot. If you plan to do the job yourself, the labor will be free. A professional installation will probably start at about $10 per square foot, although fancier designs and pricier bricks can drive that price higher.

When installing a new patio or pathway using brick pavers, it is important to start with a good foundation. The first step is to level the area and remove weeds, rocks and roots. Once flattened and graded, lay down weed cloth or black plastic to discourage weeds from growing up through the bricks. After that, apply a layer over the weed cloth and rake it flat. The brick pavers are then laid over the sand. Brick pavers are laid tight together and don’t require any mortar in between them. Once installed, the natural brick expands and contracts slightly as the temperature and moisture changes throughout the year.

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